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Yesterday I posted my favorite wedding photos of last year; today it's time for all the fun of senior portraits, engagements, the cutest families, and a few drone shots sprinkled in for fun. And maybe even a puppy. It was a year full of color, delightful and unique people, and never too much time on Lake Michigan beaches.

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Now that it's cold and grey most days, it seems like a good time to remember what warmth feels like and share some photos from my trip to Puerto Rico last January. If you've never been, I recommend it 100%. I fell in love with the colorful beaches, the vibrant greenery, and, most importantly, the people. Everyone we met was truly kind, helpful, and generous. I was most struck by how, despite the fact that they were still recovering from the hurricane that had devastated their island several months prior, we did not meet a single bitter, grumpy, or discouraged individual. I came away feeling humbled by their abundance of good cheer and positivity, and refreshed by the appreciation of a slower, more gratitude-filled pace of life.


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Best of 2017 | drone photography

One of the unexpected highlights of 2017 was becoming a drone pilot. I begrudgingly went through the hassle of getting my remote pilot license for the real estate photography work I do, viewing it as an inconvenient necessity, but as soon as I flew the drone for the first time, I was hooked. There's something magical about seeing the earth from a new perspective; it's always good to shake up your point of view in life, right? So, take a gander through my take on a goose's eye view.

(apologies for the terrible wordplay. I can't help myself)

If you love any of these photos enough to want to hang them on your wall, prints are available! Just send me an email ( and you can have some brand new awesome art on display in your home.




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