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Kelsie and I first met several years ago while last-minute filling in as models for another photographer's styled shoot (since I know y'all are curious, I'll include some of those shots at the end ;)). We instantly connected over our shared passion for goofiness and photography, and have photographed lots together since then (pretty much all the photos I ever post of myself were taken by her) and shared the joys and challenges of our respective photography journeys.

I was so honored and excited when she chose me to do this portrait session with her and her husband. They wanted something that showed their personalities, so we got as weird and silly as we wanted to and it was great. We were kicked out of a parking garage, hid behind a dumpster, and recreated a section of Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam".

And now! For the photos from the day Kelsie and I met, shot by Paige Gabert Photography

Wardrobe: Lamb Bride

Florals: Damsel Floral

Hair + Make-Up: Cheeky Strut + Siren & Proper

Film scanning + processing: The FIND Lab


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Ashley + Mitch love Grand Rapids, brightly colored murals, and each other. Pretty sure Ashley laughed for 95% of time we were hanging out taking engagement photos, and I say if you've found someone who makes you smile incessantly, you're doing it right. I can't wait to photograph these two lovebirds on their wedding day in just a few months!


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Megan and Mike look good in green and in each other's arms. We had a great time hiking around Provin Trails and got to catch some lovely spring blossoms at the nearby apple orchard.

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Best of 2017 | drone photography

One of the unexpected highlights of 2017 was becoming a drone pilot. I begrudgingly went through the hassle of getting my remote pilot license for the real estate photography work I do, viewing it as an inconvenient necessity, but as soon as I flew the drone for the first time, I was hooked. There's something magical about seeing the earth from a new perspective; it's always good to shake up your point of view in life, right? So, take a gander through my take on a goose's eye view.

(apologies for the terrible wordplay. I can't help myself)

If you love any of these photos enough to want to hang them on your wall, prints are available! Just send me an email ( and you can have some brand new awesome art on display in your home.




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Remy | Lifestyle Newborn Session, Grand Rapids

From the first moment I showed up to Remy's house for his in-home lifestyle newborn session, my heart practically melted away, and all I wanted to do was tell him over and over again that he is the most perfect, precious baby. There's something so special about being invited into a family's home to document the new little miracle that they have just added to their life, and I'm so thankful to have been chosen to photograph Remy. I loved every second of his photoshoot, and loved documenting mom, dad, and the sweet, shy Loki (their darling dog) loving on the new addition to the family.
























Convis_Remy-29 Convis_Remy-28






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Annie + Stephen | Proposal

This was one of my favorite shoots of the year thus far. The lighting was terrible restaurant light, the shots were taken hurriedly and surreptitiously, and therefore these photos aren't technically perfect. But I've found that genuine emotion is what makes an image truly memorable, and boy were the emotions in abundance for this night.

When Stephen asked me if I would photograph his proposal to Annie, I ecstatically agreed and immediately cancelled all my previously made plans for that weekend. Annie is a dear friend, a truly delightful person, and a kindred spirit, and I was thrilled at the thought of being there for that moment for the two of them. There was so much joy that came from seeing someone I love so dearly agree to spend the rest of her life with someone who treasures her as much as she deserves.

As a photographer, this shoot was stressful and difficult--unpredictable moments, the challenge of keeping myself inconspicuous while also getting all the important moments, and the difficulty of dealing with terrible restaurant lighting and waiters swirling all around me. But I loved every second of it. One of the things that delights me about being a photographer is capturing real moments of emotion and creating art out of them. There is something so beautiful about the genuine love these two have for each other, and I'll take photographing that any day over a shoot in a perfect location with perfect lighting and perfect posing.

Because there is nothing more perfect than love.


Stephen proposed with a journal -- he had many of Annie's closest friends write her notes in the journal, and interspersed throughout their writings, he had notes of his own and memorabilia from dates they had gone on.








At the end of the journal, he had burned a hole in the pages and nestled the ring down inside the hole, and had written "will you marry me?" on the page opposite. She checked "yes".














Cheers and all my love to you two <3

p.s. Many thanks to Sava's Restaurant for being so accommodating and providing the perfect setting for the start of this happily ever after story 🙂

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New Zealand | Week One

This past December, I went to the most overwhelming beautiful place on earth for three weeks. Three far too short weeks, but so filled that even three days there would have been worth the travel. I have been asked constantly how my trip was, but I'm no poet, and every time I try to express how overcome I was every moment of being in that mountainous perfection, the inadequacy of my words stops me. So, even though photographs also fail at fully displaying the wonder that is New Zealand, hopefully they'll do a better job than my flimsy words. There's only so many ways to say "beautiful", but a picture is worth... you know ; )

Oh, and I also got to experience this country with one of my very favorite people on earth, my big sis. It doesn't get better than that 🙂

| day one |

Actually several days, as we left Grand Rapids on Nov. 25, and landed in Auckland late on the 27th, skipping my birthday (the 26th) by crossing the international date line and successfully surviving around 25 hours total sitting on a plane. But surprisingly not so tough when the views out airplane windows are endlessly fascinating. Also had a 10hr layover in Sydney, where we wandered around the city jet-lagged and bleary-eyed, and I mostly forgot about my camera until we got to the botanical gardens. Hence why my Sydney photos are all trees and plants and no Opera House.


| day two |

Auckland city wanderings. Included: an embarrassing lack of photos. To be compensated for by an overabundance to follow.


| day three |

Picked up from our host family's house by a dear friend I hadn't seen in ages who took us on a delightful hike where we promptly went off-trail and clambered up boulders through a mountain river for the next few hours, including a swim in a pool which I will describe as FRESH. aka GLACIER-RUN-OFF-COLD.

| karamatura falls |


| day four |

HOBBITON. Need I say more? Lord of the Rings fans rejoice. Impossibly idyllic.

Enjoying a drink at the Green Dragon to end our tour. The life.


| day five |

Rotorua. Home of Maori Haka dances and turquoise hot springs.

This village is named Whakawrewarewa. Try saying that three times fast. Or even one time slowly.

| day six |

Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Also where Mordor was filmed and where Mount Doom (or Mount Ngauruhoe, if you prefer its non-LotR name) is located. Yeah, we hiked around Mount Doom. No big deal.

But seriously, this 7hr hike was magical and spooky and desolate and rich. The scenery and the winds and light were constantly changing; one second you'd be sweating under stark sunlight with crowds of hikers all around you; the next you'd be entirely enveloped in mist without another soul to be seen. Feast your eyes.




| all of these photos are available as prints; contact me here if you have interest in any of them |

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Baby Brynn | Lifestyle Newborn Session

Baby Brynn in black and white. Simple and sweet.

I loved this in-home lifestyle session. There's something so special about capturing a baby in her own home, with her parents and brother and dog all gathered around 🙂

And then, because all newborn sessions have to include some tears:

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Demmon | Senior 2017

One of my favorite senior sessions to date -- Demmon is such a kind soul, and also RIDICULOUSLY photogenic. Made my job too easy 🙂


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